Tips to Consider When Visiting Another Gym

There are times when you’ll visit other gyms Altamonte Springs and when you do there are several things you need to know. Whether you’re on vacation or you’ve moved to a new city, it can be intimidating to be in a new place and a new environment. Each gym has its own vibe so when you visit one you’re expected to experience culture shock but don’t let this stop you from learning new tricks. Every gym is unique and each offers a plethora of learning opportunities. Their programs will teach you valuable lessons that you probably won’t learn in your gym. The following are do’s and don’t when you visit a new gym:

Don’t Show Up Announced

Rule of thumb, whenever you’re about to visit a new gym always call ahead of time to let them know you’re visiting. Even though the saying “leave your ego at the door” is widely known, competing gyms have a hard time doing that. Even if you mean well, when you show up without a warning they will think of you as a challenger and when that happens it’s highly likely that they’ll pair you with the roughest contender in their class. Although it doesn’t always happen many times it does and you can’t take that chance. An email or a quick phone call informing them your name and the reason why you’re dropping by will give them a heads-up. Once they know who you are and why you’re there they will no longer be intimidated or threatened. When you tell them about yourself let them know about your training and your rank.

Let Your Instructor Know

It may seem shallow and immature but there are instructors who aren’t keen on letting their students visit other gyms. This kind of attitude isn’t ideal but it can happen so if you want to avoid issues with your teacher at least let them know your plans.

Inquire About Their GI Policy

There are some academies that aren’t very strict when it comes to their GI policies like if you prefer to wear a pair of white pants and a blue jacket, they’ll be perfectly fine with it. However, there are other schools that require exclusive white GIs. When you are not sure about their GI policy we prefer you stick to white just to be safe.

Wear Spats When In Nogi Class

Wearing spats will help prevent you from contacting infection by protecting your skin. So, yes, wear spats when you’re in nogi class.

Don’t Be Tempted To Wear Your Patch

Wearing your own patch isn’t going to be a problem unless you’re visiting an affiliated gym but if it’s not we discourage you from wearing your patch. There are certain academies that require visitors to wear their own GI. To save yourself the hassle, just keep it plain.

Visit A Gym To Learn Not To Challenge

Visiting a new gym is a learning opportunity so when you go there strive to learn something instead of challenging other students. When you are hard on the students during your visit there’s a big chance they won’t welcome you again the next time you visit. Don’t show off and just be there to learn. And more importantly be friendly with everyone.

Don’t Attempt To Coach

Sometimes you’re tempted to coach other students especially if you rank higher than them. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend this especially if it’s your fist time to visit the school. Keep in mind that your job is not to coach them. You are there as a visitor and you are there to learn unless you were invited to share your expertise and knowledge, otherwise, control the urge to coach.

Inquire About Their Sparring Rules

One of the first things you need to do once you get there is to ask about their rules regarding sparring. The last thing you’d want is to make enemies because you carelessly broke a rule. For example, if in your school heel hooks are okay, other academies don’t allow it. Ask the instructor about their rules so you can start off on the right foot.

Wear Sandals or Shoes

When you’re walking around the gym or on the mat we recommend you wear shoes and sandals. Avoid walking barefoot to the bathroom to prevent the spread of germs.

Learn How To Respect Their Style

If you see their instructor demonstrate a move, a move that was taught differently in your school, don’t say anything. In fact, just keep it to yourself. Don’t be arrogant but instead be humble and learn to respect their style.

Offer To Pay Fees

There are gyms that charge a certain fee otherwise known as mat fee for drop-in guests. While there are those that offer free classes. However, if that gym is affiliated to your home gym they may not require you to pay anything but we believe it’s ethical that you offer to pay for their mat fee. When you hand the money we recommend you place it inside an envelope because that’s what martial arts dojos do.

Make A Review

As simple as leaving a positive review about the gym you just visited will make the instructor happy and they will likely invite you again.

Don’t Forget To Take A Photo

Last but not least, snap a photo as a keepsake. This also lets your instructor know that you value your time with them and you want to commemorate your visit through a photo.

So there you have it, the things you must and must not do when you visit a new gym. Always remember these helpful tips because you’ll not only learn new tricks you’ll also gain new friends and grow your network. You’ll learn valuable lessons that you won’t get to learn in the comforts of your own gym. When you follow these tips, every gym you’ll visit will want you back because you’ll be that friendly, respectful and easy-to-get along with guy who isn’t arrogant and egoistic and people will love you for it.