Safety Microblading Tips from Experts

The shape of your eyebrows has the power to change your look. Eyebrows that are perfectly shaped can frame your face well and enhance your facial features. There are numerous ways to improve the shape, color, and volume of your eyebrows. Most people turn to makeup and use eyebrow gels, pencils, and powders. While these are great, applying them can be time-consuming. Plus, if you don’t have the talent, you may not be able to create symmetrical eyebrows or achieve the look you are rooting for. Aside from makeup, tattoo eyebrows are also a popular option since they’ve been around for decades.

Everyone is familiar with eyebrow tattooing. The process involves a machine that the tattoo artist will use to embed ink deep into your skin. Once the ink is there, it won’t fade and your skin will be permanently marked. One of the downsides to eyebrow tattooing is there’s a possibility that the color of the ink may change over time. Usually, it turns to blue or green. Aside from the color change, another complaint of eyebrow tattooing is the ink tends to bleed out altering your eyebrows’ original shape.

If you ask us, an eyebrow tattoo is old-fashioned and they don’t look realistic. To prove our point, you can try to Google images of women who have had their eyebrows tattooed and compare those images to those who had theirs microbladed. Once you have the images juxtaposed you’ll realize that the best option is to go for microblading.

Microblading is a modern method of shaping your eyebrows. It’s called semi-permanent because, unlike eyebrow tattoo, microbladed brows fade over time. When properly cared for they can last up to twelve to twenty-four months. The process involves the use of a small handheld tool called a microblading pen. The artist will use this pen to draw hair-like strokes on your skin. The tip of the pen has tiny needles that are used to puncture the outer layers of your skin to implant the pigment and shape your eyebrows. Microblading comes with risks so it’s important to be prepared before you go through the procedure.

For a safe microblading procedure, we recommend you do the following:

Don’t Be Lazy, Do Your Research

Just because you saw impressive photos on their site doesn’t mean their work is guaranteed safe and flawless. If you do your research well, you’ll be able to learn a lot. To be safe, we recommend you choose an experienced and well-established technician that has certificates and licenses to prove that he or she underwent training. Don’t immediately believe in photos just because they have watermarks. They could have stolen those images on Google or from their competitors’ pages to lure customers. The only way to know is to spend time doing your research.

Listen and Follow Prep Work Instructions

Before your big day, your technician would have already given you notes that contain instructions on what to do and what not to do before your eyebrows get microbladed. Be sure to follow these instructions to get the best results. Examples include avoid waxing or plucking your eyebrows, avoid using exfoliators at least three days before the application, and don’t apply skincare products on your face that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and glycolic acids as they may potentially inflame your skin.

Take the Aftercare Seriously

The success and the longevity of your microbladed brows will depend on your commitment to following your technician’s aftercare instructions. For ten days, don’t touch the area and don’t apply any skincare products over your eyebrows. Avoid scratching, peeling, or picking them. It’s also best to avoid tanning and direct sunlight ten days after the procedure.


If you’re unhappy with your eyebrows whether it’s their shape, color, or the lack of volume, your microblading artist can do wonders on them. You just have to make sure that you find a skilled and trained artist to do your brows.