Government Aircraft Leasing in Demand

There are many government agencies that will lease different types of aircraft. They do so because they do not have a fleet of their own. It is often easier for one of these governmental agencies to do this so they can avoid the upkeep on aircraft that they may only use once in a while. Of course, the cost of using these planes and helicopters can be quite expensive. However, it is often less, over the course of several years, than investing in the aircraft themselves. The demand for government aircraft leases is keeping small aircraft leasing companies busy and is expected to increase over the next decade.

Overview of Aircraft Leases

The topic of leases for aircraft is quite comprehensive. It is also diverse. Airlines will lease aircraft from other airlines, as well as companies that are in the business of leasing these vehicles. There are two main types of leasing contracts. One is called wet leasing. This involves a short-term lease, whereas a dry lease is for extended periods of time. Statistically, leases for aircraft represent as much as 40% of all operating leases for jetliners today. This has amounted to over $100 billion of aircraft being used in this way. Regarding governmental agencies, they also use leases when they need aircraft for specific purposes.

Why Would the Government Lease Aircraft?

One of the reasons that they will lease aircraft opposed to buying them is that it’s more cost-effective in most cases. For example, the US government might lease aircraft for millions of dollars, and this will include a maintenance agreement. By doing so, they are avoiding the need of spending what could be hundreds of millions of dollars on aircraft that will only be used occasionally. Likewise, they will save money on the continual maintenance that is necessary to keep these aircraft in tip top condition. These aircraft are typically used for special missions. They will choose aircraft that are specifically designed for a specific purpose. Whether this is transporting a government official, or monitoring weather conditions, there are specific planes and helicopters that can be used for virtually any type of mission that may come up.

Who Does the Government Lease Aircraft From?

It is likely that the government will choose to lease aircraft from some of the top aircraft leasing companies in the industry. This would include companies like AerCap, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, and Textron Financial, most of which get their aircraft from companies like Boeing and Airbus. It is their connection to these well-known manufacturers of aircraft which often motivates government agencies, at any level, to consider these companies. Like any other type of purchase, they will get estimates on the total cost of the lease, what the lease entails, and then make a decision based upon how much money they can save.

Aircraft Financing Options for Government Agencies

It should be noted that the government can also purchase aircraft that they will be using consistently. This could include private aircraft and commercial aircraft. They can do so through what is called operating leasing or finance leasing, each of which will eventually lead to the potential of owning the aircraft they are paying on. In many cases, they will do finance leasing, primarily because capital leasing represents a much longer financial arrangement which means the payments might be lower.

The Main Reason That the Local State And Federal Government Leases Aircraft

If you think about the main reason that people will lease a vehicle, instead of buying one, the same idea applies to aircraft that these government agencies purchase. When you lease a vehicle, you are purchasing something that is new, and in a few short years, you can turn that in to get the latest model. It is this benefit of not having to deal with the problems associated with older vehicles that makes leasing a much better option. It allows them to have full confidence in the performance and safety of these aircraft that they will use which are maintained by the companies that lease them.

This overview of why local, state and the federal government will lease aircraft should now make sense to you. It is a business decision that allows them to only use the latest state-of-the-art aircraft. In most cases, the lease will include a maintenance contract which means they only have to worry about finding a competent pilot. This ensures that important people that they are transporting, and valuable cargo that is being shipped, will be flown in aircraft that will not fail.

De-icing, How do I keep my pond from freezing over?

Having a garden pond is relaxing and brings you joy as you watch the signs of life. Nothing is more relaxing than watching the bubbly water and the wildlife in it and around it just be. The one part that is not particularly enjoyable is the winter because that means your pond and the wildlife in it will be subjected to very cold temperatures. The surface of the pond may freeze over and this endangers life in the pond. There are steps that you can take for de-icing to ensure that the pond water does not freeze over.

It is important to note that not all ponds freeze over. If you are in an area that does not get very cold winters, the pond may freeze over for just about three days before it defrosts. This means that there will be no fish harmed. The frozen surface itself is not what puts your fish at risk, but rather the decaying plants and animals that get trapped under the icy surface. These produce toxic gases that will put your fish at risk.

Here are the steps to follow to prevent your pond from freezing over.

1. Use Inflatable Balls On The Surface

If you have inflatable balls, place them on the surface of the water. The movement will ensure that the water surface is not stagnant enough for ice to form. If the inflatable balls are moving, the water is also moving, so your pond will not freeze over. Alternatively, you can place stones in plastic bottles and place these on the surface. Make sure the battles are only part-filled with the stones so that they do not sink to the bottom of the pond.

2. Place A Container Of Hot Water

Placing the container filled with hot water o the surface of the pond will slow down the freezing process and will also let in fresh oxygen for your fish to breathe. Do this for every day you notice the pond starting to freeze. Note that you should never pour boiling water directly into the pond. A pan of hot water will also help, although if it is open, it will get cold fast because of the cold temperatures. As you do this, remove any plants and dead insects that you see floating on the surface to ensure that the water stays clean.

3. Remove Sensitive Plants

If you have sensitive plants that will be affected by the cold more than other plantations near the pond, consider removing them because once they die, they will decompose in the water and become harmful to your fish. Plants such as water lilies can be sensitive to cold temperatures.

4. Ensure The Filter Is Working

You should check that the filter is working properly because it is the way out for the waste that accumulates in the water. You needn’t worry about the fish food affecting the filter too much during winter since your fish do not need to eat much during winter. You can also adjust the filter and change the direction to give your fish more warm water. When the temperatures drop, the warm water moves to the bottom of the pond, and the fish can stay there. Adjusting the position will ensure more warm water for the fish.

5. Cover The Pond

Choose a good material to cover the surface of the pond such as bubble wrap stretched over a frame. The ice will fall on the cover and prevent the surface of the water from freezing. You can also invest in a polystyrene ice preventer which has a mechanism that prevents the pond surface from freezing over.

Is Print Advertising Making A Comeback?

Print advertising has been around for a long time, but many people say it’s dead. Is print media not as strong as it used to be? Are printing services going the way of the dinosaurs?

You may be surprised but print advertising isn’t dying as quickly as some think it is! In fact, studies are showing a trend reversal and it’s time to look at this in detail. Here’s more on print advertising, its benefits and what you’re going to be getting from it as a business owner.

What is Print Advertising?

Print advertising refers to any type of advertising that’s “printed” on the desired platform. For example, print media would be a magazine or newspaper.

Benefits of Print Advertising

1) Immediate Credibility

Having your ad published in a popular magazine can go a long way in building credibility. People will automatically assume the editor has gone through and approved the ad, which illustrates it was a high-quality business in their eyes. If a reader already trusts the magazine or newspaper, they will be more than happy to at least take a look at the ad once. Of course, they may not buy what you’re looking to sell but they will take a look, which is a lot more than other avenues offer. This alone makes it a beneficial option in the modern age of advertising even if other pathways exist.

2) Targeted

As long as you are printing the ad in a niche-related magazine, you’ll be well on your way to bringing a targeted audience. For example, if you are selling a gardening tool, it makes sense to publish in a gardening magazine.

The readers will only buy the magazine if they are interested in the subject and that guarantees a certain level of quality in terms of your leads.

This is why businesses don’t want to ignore the value of print advertising even with other options up their sleeve. It’s never a bad idea to go with an option that is as targeted as this one.

3) Increased Ad Recall

It’s one thing to see an ad and it’s another to recall it.

This is where sales are made because a person that’s able to recall an ad will already be invested in the product/service. They may have wanted it and it’s a lot easier to remember something that was seen in a magazine than on the side of a street.

This is why ad recall tends to increase with print media and several studies have been done on this matter. It’s one of the reasons so many businesses like the idea of print advertising and find it to be beneficial.

4) Cost-Effective

Choosing an ad that is going to bring in new sales is important but it’s also about cost-efficiency. You should be going with a solution that is going to save a good amount of money when it comes to expenses.

Businesses have set marketing budgets and those numbers have to be maintained for as long as possible.

In a situation such as this, you will want to optimize ad placements and that’s where print advertising helps. It can be incredibly cost-efficient as long as you find the right platform for your niche.

Final Thoughts

Yes, print advertising is making a comeback and it’s time to pay attention!

Business owners looking to get a leg up on the competition need to look into all potential avenues. Too many businesses continue to slog away without a plan. This is when they lose out on potential gains and wonder what went wrong. Instead, it’s best to focus on print media where the competition is less but the demand remains. As more and more businesses realize this, print advertising is going to regain its strength as a viable marketing option.

Print media still maintains a role in society and it’s still a viable option for businesses. Of course, this doesn’t mean it should be the heart of a modern marketing campaign but it’s never a bad idea to diversify your approach while building a successful business. This is how you’re going to notice a positive change in your returns and customer retention rates.

Why Is Toy Rental Becoming A Trend?

If you’ve heard the term “toy rental” recently, you may have noticed that it’s getting a lot of positive attention. What is toy renting? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Toy rental services allow parents to rent toys for children. From subscription services to other types of services, these are some of the reasons toy rental is a major trend.

It Allows Children to Try Out All Kinds of Toys

When you’re renting out toys, your child won’t ever be limited to a small selection of toys. Instead, children will be able to play with new toys all the time. And most rental services can make it easier to find the right toy, based on gender and age group. For example, if you are looking for toys for 5 year old boys, most toy rental sites will have a category chock-full of results to choose from.

This also allows children to enjoy a wider range of toys. In many cases, rental services give children the opportunity to play with toys they would never have seen otherwise. You can choose from educational toys, toys for children with special needs, toys that develop fine motor skills, and many more.

If you want to give your child a lot of different options, you should think about renting them some toys. Being a member of a rental service lets children experiment with many different kinds of play.

Toy services offer popular toys and toys that are new to the market. They offer toys that help children to build dexterity and toys that help kids develop creativity. Your child will get to see all kinds of toys, which means they’ll be able to enjoy their play sessions even more.

Toy Rental Means Your House Won’t Be Filled with Unused Toys

It’s hard to predict what kinds of toys a child will be interested in. Some toys get played with for months on end. Other toys get abandoned after a few hours. A lot of homes are filled with toys that have never been played with at all.

If you rent toys, you’ll be able to return them to the rental service as soon as your children stop playing with them. Your home won’t be filled with toys that no one uses. If you partner up with a rental service, you’ll be able to make sure that every toy in your home is being used.

Renting Toys Is Very Affordable

Buying toys for children can be expensive, especially if your child is drawn to costly toys. If you’re struggling to find room for toys in your budget, you might want to consider renting toys instead. It can save you quite a bit of money.

When you use a toy subscription service, you won’t have to spend money every time your children want new toys. You’ll be able to control your toy spending, but you will still be able to give your children the chance to play with the most impressive toys on the market.

Toy Rental Services Typically Send High-Quality Toys

When you sign up for a toy rental service, you won’t be receiving cheap, low-quality toys. In most cases, the toys offered by these services are carefully curated. In many cases, the toys that these services offer are award-winning.

If you want your children to play with the best toys on the market, renting toys is one of your best options. Finding the right toys for your child can be challenging. However, when you use a toy rental service, it’s easy to find impressive and appealing toys.

There Are Plenty of Options

Not every parent is looking for the same kinds of toys. Whether you’re looking for toddler toys or toys that an older child can enjoy, you should be able to find quite a few options that meet your needs.

Anyone with children in their home can benefit from toy rental services. Take a look at some of the different subscription services and see what sort of toys are available. You should be able to find a rental service that really impresses you.

Nevada Probate Laws – Another Reason to Move to the Silver State

Probate describes the process that the courts use to determine how to distribute an estate between heirs after the owner of the estate passes away. In Nevada, rules may differ from other states, but they can even vary by jurisdiction or individual probate court. In simple cases, probate may only last a few weeks, but in complex cases, it can drag on a long time.

Which Assets Must Pass Through Probate?

Many people are surprised to learn that their estate must pass through probate even if there is a will. Typically, a valid will may shorten the process, but part of probate ensures that the will is valid. A will simply gives instructions about how the assets of the departed person should get divided.

In Nevada, the will may also name an executor to the estate. In some other states, this position may be called a personal representative or estate administrator. This individual is usually responsible for making sure the instructions in the will are carried out. Typically, the executor will get assistance from a probate attorney to make sure that the right papers get filed and everything is done according to the law.

It’s possible for other relatives or other people with a relationship to the deceased person to challenge a will. However, this is actually fairly rare. It’s more common to find heirs that dispute how certain assets should be used when multiple beneficiaries have to share in them.

Some examples of these kinds of assets might include a family home or business. Sometimes, these disputes can be solved by buying some heirs out. Proper estate planning that anticipates these sorts of problems can usually avoid these disputes.

What If There Is No Will?

In some cases, people die without a valid will. In Nevada, the distribution of assets usually will follow something called intestate rules. Intestate just means that the state determines who get the assets instead of the will. Usually, a surviving spouse comes first, but children of the deceased who were not children of the surviving spouse may also get a share.

After a spouse, the surviving adopted, or natural children of the deceased person will inherit. After this, shares pass to other blood relations, like grandchildren, siblings, and so on. If no legal heirs to the estate can be found, the state may eventually claim the assets.

Can Nevada Executors Sell Assets During Probate?

If the deceased person left a home or other property, the best way to deal with it might be to sell it as quickly as possible. The problem is that these large assets may cost a lot to maintain. For instance, a home may come with payments for a mortgage, insurance, taxes, and so on. The easiest way to avoid these bills and divide the property is usually to simply sell it and divide up cash.

Depending upon how the will is written, Nevada rules may allow the executor to sell the estate. Typically, they will always need to provide written notice to all of the beneficiaries with a share in the property. They may need to deliver this notice well before closing to give beneficiaries a chance to refuse it.

However, it’s best to consult with an attorney before trying to market a probated home. In some cases, the executor may need to obtain an order from the court that grants them permission to sell before probate is over. An estate lawyer will know which papers they might need to file in order to make sure everything is handled in a way that will not cause problems later.